Bio Foliar Sprays – Mini Spray


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Complementary nutrition

Foliar application is a must when soil fertilization is sub-optimal or ineffective.

In many farming practices most of the fertilizers for the growth season are applied as base dressing. Such practice often result a significant decrease of essential nutrients in the soil during the season. This may affect plant growth, and reduces yield. A mid-season foliar spray of fertilizers will balance and complete plant nutrition, and help to retain healthy and fruitful growth.

Growth boosting

A precise timing of foliar nutrition lead to growth and yield improvement.

Certain phases of plant development are highly important in determining the final yield. A foliar nutrition precisely given during these specific phenology stages ensures optimal growth, and best possible yield.

Corrective nutrition

Foliar sprays are fast acting and effective for treating nutrient deficiencies.

Foliar uptake of nutrients is much faster than root uptake. Therefore foliar feeding is the method of choice when deficiency symptoms are noted, and prompt correction of deficiencies is required.

Specific induction

Foliar fertilizers activate particular plant mechanisms

Foliar application of certain fertilizers are known to induce dormancy breaking in grapes and deciduous fruit trees.

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