Organic Fertilizer BioGas Digestate Variants

Amongst many available methods of producing organic fertilizer, we at Dilazak Farms, have a distinct focus in formulating and producing a great performing organic fertilizer from biogas digestate gone through methodically controlled anaerobic process.

Pretty self-explanatory and having a well-earned reputation of “complete” fertilizer; this method and technique of producing fertilizer has a lot of organic matter as well as higher ratio of readily available rich nutrients with list of other key advantages.

Thus this method compared with other methods of producing organic fertilizers and their types has some distinct benefits making it a preferable choice to many including home gardeners, nursery owners, as well as medium and large scale farmers.

Benefits and Advantages of Organic Fertilizer

  • Improves soil fertility, soil structure, and crop productivity
  • Remarkably superior than regular Farmyard Manure (FYM)
  • Comparable to the effects of the application of chemical fertilizers yet offers added benefits to the soil
  • Its all-in-one, with wide ranged and high availability of macro (NPK), micro (Mg, Ca) and trace (Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu) nutrients
  • Good plague repellent
  • It s odorless
  • Increases soil fertility (cation exchange capacity), and improve the soil structure and water retaining capacity
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Treats seeds for higher germination
  • Disease resistance and weed free
  • Better yields
  • Improved coloration of fruits and vegetables, and tenderness and taste of leafy vegetables
  • Great alternate to manure for pot grown flowers and vegetables
  • Increases the availability of nutrients for soil micro-flora like nitrogen fixing and promotes phosphate solubilizing organisms
  • Reduces weed growth and attractiveness to insects or flies
  • Reduces or it is almost pathogen free


Product Groups by Application Technique

Our product range does offer complete and intense choices on how to apply the fertilizer depending upon the plant need and circumstances. If the situation requires improvement of soil structure, crop productivity along with immediate as well as slow releasing nutrients we have a solution and product category to cater this need using our dried biogas digestate product range.

If along with other nutrients, high in nitrogen organic fertilizer is needed for plant roots with ease of use we have a specific liquid product range for root watering. Similarly if precision nutrient rich application is needed with as high as 10 times effect, we do have a range of products catering this situation through foliar spraying packaging and tools.

Product Categories

A – Solid Plant Food for soil mixture and sprinkling

  1. Dried Digesate small packs
  2. Dried Digesate large packs

B – Liquid Digestate with Root Watering

  1. Concentrated liquid fertilizers
  2. Diluted and ready to use products

C – Foliar Nutrition Spraying

  1. Ready Mixture
  2. Preparation Kit

Custom Packaging

We do offer customize packaging option depending upon minimum order quantity that can be discussed with our representative



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