Ultra Premium Buffalo Milk


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100% Buffalo Milk

We draw milk from our animals without using any growth hormones or milk inducing chemicals. We pack and serve raw milk where nothing is added and nothing is taken away from it. Animals are humanly cared and encouraged for frequent open grazing at farm pastures. As much as possible, we avoid antibiotics and use traditional medicinal remedies for animal health.

Drawn from our local and traditional pedigreed buffalos, our ultra-premium buffalo milk is a thicker milk than any other milk offered and tenders time old taste and distinct aroma of traditional milk. Our ultra-premium buffalo milk is full of cream, higher in calories and has extra proteins.

Packed as raw milk, it comes in standard 1 liter packing. We also customize packing in higher amount of liters per bag based on customer needs.

The 1 litre standard packing is also useful while freezing milk. For all national deliveries from our farm, we generally send frozen milk in 1 liter packing to avoid spoilage.

And yes, it’s ok to freeze milk. After you have frozen your milk, it can be thawed in the refrigerator or in cold water and is safe for consumption.

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